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Leaked Video: Listen to the SCUMBAGS who control Google

The video above demonstrates how much hatred Google has toward America and it's traditional, Christian values.  This fact has been documented many times as the stories below demonstrate.  Google is evil.  But there is a way you can fight back.  This website gives you the POWER to put a dent in Google's wealth machine.  It is dedicated to punishing Google for attacking web content that supports conservative, Christian values.  The fact is that you don't have to completely give up using Google's search engine to fight Google.  There are many ways you can fight Google.  This site shows you how to use the Google search engine in such a way that Google benefits the least from your use of it.  It also keeps you up to date as to Google's war on conservatives and Christians.  Above all, keep this in mind..  Either we destroy Google or Google will destroy us, our families and our nation.  This is the war of our generation.  It is a war we must win.

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Google’s Algorithms Threaten Free and Fair Elections and thus could destroy the entire foundation of American Democracy

Google Has ‘Almost Total Control’ over Key Elements of Elections

Former Google Engineer: Google Will Try to Prevent Trump's Reelection

Ways You Can Boycott Google   Reasons To Boycott Google

1.  Do not click on Google ads:

The first way is quite easy.  When you enter a search term on Google you will get a page which shows the results with sponsored ads at the top designed to look like search results.  Many people click on these ads thinking they are legitimate search results.  They are not.  They are put there to provide ad money to Google.  You can tell the difference because Google ads always have a small tag in front of them that looks like this : .  So, simply do not click on any search results that have a in front of them.  That way Google will lose money. 

You can always find the search you want below these ads.  For example if you were searching for IBM you will find a link with a in front of it and another link (just as good) without the ad tag in front of it as shown here: IBM .  Always click on the results without an ad icon in front of it.

2.  Do not use the "Shopping" link at the top of each Google search page:

On the top of most pages in Google there is a
"Shopping" link.  When you click on that link, Google gets a cut of the money you spend on any merchandise you buy.  Therefore, if you like something that you find in this Shopping link, end the session, go to the item yourself in a new session or search for it in Bing.  This way Google does not get a cut.

3.  Use a VPN to hide yourself from Google: 

Google makes money by knowing who you are and knowing what you do online.  Then they sell that information.  They use your IP address to track all of this.  You can hide yourself from Google and keep them from knowing who you are and what you are doing by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Here is a list of the best VPNs available according to CNet. 

I use the Nord VPN myself and I consider it to be the best VPN on the market.  When using a VPN Google has no idea who you are.  Without knowing who you are, Google has nothing to sell.  You are no longer "their product".  You have liberated yourself from Google and their business model falls apart. 

An additional benefit of a VPN (unrelated to Google) is that your data is encrypted meaning that you can use your computer at airports, shops, parks, etc. and no one can read your data.  You can use your passwords and any other secure information safely.  If everyone used a VPN Google would go out of business.

Note: In case you are wondering, this is NOT an advertisement for NordVPN.  I have absolutely no connection with the product at all.  I encourage you to investigate all the VPNs out there and make a decision that best meets your needs.

4.  Say "NO" to Google Chrome:

5.  Who needs Gmail?

There are plenty of good email platforms out there like,,, and many, many others.  You really don't need gmail.  Try one of the others.

6.  Just dump Google altogether:

Of course, the easiest way to boycott Google is to just switch to a different search engine.  Here are some that are every bit as reliable and comprehensive as Google:


StartPage is another privacy-focused tool our tech team recommends. It sources its search results from Google, which is a good thing if you simply want Google without the tracking.

7.  YES, You can successfully sue Google over their search results

Court rules man can sue Google for defamation:

8.  Buy an iPhone, not an Andoid:


That's right..  If you search for the term "Boycott Google" on Google one of the first links to show up is a site that says in big letters "You Can't Boycott Google" :  .  Among the claims this site makes is : "If you’re a Google search user, you have no buying power. You are not the customer. You are not always right. You are the product, and you are just one of billions. If you fall off the back of the truck, you’ll simply be written off."

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Google Targets Conservative Sites

Google purposely blocks conservative sites like White Guilt Insanity.  In fact, Google’s New "Fact-Check" Feature Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Sites.

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The tech giant is dishonestly manipulating perceptions about conservative sites before people even read them.

Google’s Spies on Everything You Do

In addition to spying on everything you do with Google based products, Google has a strong presence in childhood education, health care and even the food industry, and is engaged in social engineering pursuits, as well as artificial intelligence and military applications.  If you want a search engine that does not spy on you, use

Google Insults Christians by censoring Jesus

Google employees: We're being harassed, threatened...

Google Hates Men

Google "celebrates" International Women's Day but it refuses to celebrate International Men's Day.

There are plenty of alternative search engines to Google

Here are 10 of the best . . .

Google calls Republicans Nazis!

Google listed “Nazism” as the ideology of the California Republican Party.

Google labels a Trump-supporting Republican senator a “BIGOT”


Competitors banished into oblivion...

Google discriminates againt conservative employees in it's workplace

James Damore joined with a conservative lawyer to bring a class action against the company, accusing it of discriminating against conservatives, Caucasians and men.

How Google Shadowbans Conservative and Pro-Trump Content

Google has gone to war with President Trump, and is punishing anyone who dares to speak up for him.

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Lawsuit: Google Has ‘Almost Total Control’ over Key Elements of Elections

Google’s Algorithms Threaten Free and Fair Elections and thus could destroy the entire foundation of American Democracy

Former Google Engineer: Google Will Try to Prevent Trump's Reelection